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JV Tax & Accounting Services LLC is a company that uses our information technology services; has its website, business video, Google Business, and social networks with us. This is a video of 60 seconds or 100 words, produced by a professional actor provided by CyberGlobalNet, the video has been produced with images provided by the client, which are copyrighted by the JV Tax & Accounting Services LLC.

Before starting his own accounting firm, Mr. Vargas was employed by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and gained experience in both accounting and internal and external auditing. Mr. Vargas also performed test work for various business cycles such as revenue, expenses, payroll, journal entries test, cash, accounts payables and receivables and internal controls. Mr. Vargas’ proven ability to manage serious audit cases and strong organizational skills has enabled him to fulfill the several duties and responsibilities for various clients, supporting them simultaneously. Mr. Vargas provides personalized, detailed, and accurate services to his clients.

There are many issues that can arise between taxpayers and the IRS. But going through it alone can be a time-consuming nightmare, and sometimes result in a worse outcome. As IRS Enrolled Agents, JV Tax Accounting Services, is a problem-solving firm specialized in the approach to taxes, payroll, accounting, and management consulting. Hi, I’m Jimmy Vargas, and at our firm, we are dedicated to delivering quality financial services and advice. We have the expertise and are ready to handle any trouble you or your company may have. Jimmy Vargas and his team of professionals are ready to determine the best solutions for your unique needs! Visit our website for more information and schedule an appointment today on the web or call us at 240-893-6916!